Building A Solid Contractor Business (Remodelers Podcast)

this image shows building a solid contractor business

For any business to prosper and stay in the market, you got to keep going even when things are not good. Pay attention to where people’s attention is. In your line of business, where are your potential customers? Ideally, if you are in the line of home remodeling, know where these homeowners are.

You cannot do everything in your business from running a business, marketing, project management etc..For your overall time, 90% of it may be working in the business, where 10% can be spent on the business like marketing.

What you need to do is put more effort into one thing and drive it to perfection.

Stay Focused

Where do you put your focus on your contractor business?

Have a clear target, what you want to do, where you want to go, and a time limit. Always include a ‘next right thing’: constantly evaluate the things you need to prioritize and focus on them like: Create a concept, contacting your clients…Always ask yourself if the next right thing will get you closer to your target towards achieving your goals.

Avoid procrastinating communication with a customer that you need to follow up on. When you think of something you want to do, the longer you wait on doing it, your brain will talk you out of doing it even if it was the next right thing to do.

Themes of Success

Have a Positive Mindset 

Don’t tear other people down. When people want support in their business, don’t turn them down. Helping them will make you learn. The more you share, the more it comes back to you.

this picture shows success in building a solid contractor business

Building a relationship, and having a healthy relationship with your competitors will increase productivity. Your competitors go through what you are going through be it providing angles, perspectives, and encouragement. The more you share the more you learn and you will get on top.

Become a Student of Your Numbers

Getting an understanding of your finances. If you are afraid that you are not good at maths after each project, get to know what you have spent and the amount of money that came in. You have to start somewhere.

Understand that marketing, knowing your numbers… is not a one-time thing. It is a continuous process that needs to be constantly monitored. This will help you know what needs to be improved.

Continuously care about people around you be it your partners, employees, clients, appreciate them, help them, and show that you care.

Three things that will lead to consistently growing profit business are

  • Be a strong leader with a clear vision
  • Be intentional with the culture that we build
  • Care about our people. 

Allow them to grow and succeed, support their ideas and opinions. Don’t micromanage your employees, let them have some flexibility. Their satisfaction will make them improve the productivity of your business.

Ninety percent of the project may not be how much the budget was, but the experience of your clients. You need to ask yourself why a customer should choose you over other businesses offering the same products. Customers will choose you for their reasons so if you don’t know what these seasons are, you will end up focusing on your satisfaction rather than that of the potential client.

Building A Solid Contractor Business (Remodelers Podcast)
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