Macromanage Efforts and Micromanage Results (The Contractor Coach Cast)

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Micro-managing is where a manager controls every aspect of tasks to be done and how they should be done. This type of management is usually associated with negative effects on business.

There are times for telling your employees do this or that and other times to let go and let them have a little space

Guiding Everything They Do

A good manager will be checking them now and then, but when managing people’s activities, if you focus on macro managing the efforts, then we micromanage the results. This means that you only give directions of the intended results and leave the subordinates to do their work however way they see fit as long as the purpose is achieved. Micromanaging results will not destroy your employee’s freedom. We had the chance for this podcast to talk with Corona Concrete And Masonry to get more intel on how they don’t micromanage employees for important projects.

this image shows the leader of the business doing micromanagement and macromanagement

Micromanaging is actually controlling

When you say that you have to micro-manage them they won’t deliver the intended results, this actually will cause them to not deliver or enjoy working there. 

Focus on the results

As a leader, you are there to offer support. Learn to manage the result and not every little detail of the business. Try and observe the chain of command. When you are micromanaging it makes people feel that their effort is not appreciated which makes them reluctant to act when things need to be done. You will end up doing twice as work and end up duplicating work in other departments. All you need to do is micromanage the results.

To be a great leader take your management to a higher level, and give your juniors a space to do their work. When you get into too many details of what you want to be done, you will be creating robots who will only do what you tell them. They will not be in a position to take an extra step or be flexible to change when something is not right.

Only frame the how

As a contractor manager, just give directions on how you want the job done. Too many details are micromanaging and often ruins the morale of people.

Micromanaging prolongs the job to be done because your employees have no freedom to do the work. They are always afraid of taking action even if they feel it’s the right thing to do.

this image shows a meeting inside a business

This involves dictating not only what to be done but rather how it can be done regardless of whether that is the most effective or efficient way to do the task.

In conclusion, we can say that micromanaging not only does it lower the input results but is also time-consuming.

Macromanage Efforts and Micromanage Results (The Contractor Coach Cast)
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